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The Ticket Program is an online communication system. Parents, community members and/or concerned individuals can provide needed mentoring and monitoring of any individual through our award winning program. Positive results seen as fast as 24 hours of implementation. To start, click on the button below...

We specialize in (1) monitoring, (2) managing, and (3) modifying [correcting] all types of behavior problems to assist the individual into becoming a productive part of your home, school or place of employment.

The Ticket Program is available in several versions to address the concerns of all industries (public or private). Click on the menu buttons to the left for more information. Most versions of the program start at $4.95 per month with no contracts or huge upfront cost.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we are just a TEXT, EMAIL and/or CALL away!

David J. Page, Jr.
National Program Director
901.212.6575 (Direct) (email)

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